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In a world you thought you knew, secrets remained hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. In the age of the internet and television, the characters of your childhood fairy tales, your favorite movies, or even your wildest desires are all reality. Humanity has found itself no longer alone. The monsters are out of the closet. Magic is real. Society has found itself divided into those who have accepted the 'others', and those who wish to send these creatures into a fiery grave.

Here you'll find a church that promises lasting life by embracing the eternal curse of the vampire. There are groups of humans who have risen up to create hate groups to destroy the supernatural. An eternal struggle between angels and demons amidst it all, threatening destruction of the entire world in the cross-fire. All the while, most of society works, lives, breathes, right along side monsters and beautiful creatures from their dreams. Who are you among them?

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia.

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 Eveline Shaw
Posted on: Jul 1 2018, 12:19 AM


the basics
Species: Sidhe Fey Gender: Female
Appears: 19 True age: 136
Occupation:Student + Gemologist + Healer Power rank: N/A
Birthday: November 1, 1882 Barbara Palvin

With Glamour

To the normal untrained eye, Eveline appears for the most part like your normal everyday nineteen-year-old girl. She has long slightly curled locks of hair that fall over and past her shoulders like a waterfall of molten chocolate. It shines with a silken brilliance and is also as thick as a horse’s tail. Pools of icy pale blue water sit within her skull as she looks around with a curious, jovial, and ambitious air most of the time. Her skin is so fair that it could almost resemble porcelain due to its blemish free appearance. Eveline, much like her mother, is finer boned than most and weighs in at only 155 pounds (70.5kg). This is present within both her glamour and her fey self. Height-wise, Eveline is a tad bit on the smaller side when it comes to fey since she stands at 5’6” (167.64cm), but smaller stature seems to run amongst her heritage. And for those with a stronger sense of smell, Eveline usually has a scent of fresh lavender intermingled with a woodsy cedar.

When it comes to clothes, although Eveline tends to like dressier attire, she tends to dress similar to human girls that would be the age she appears while under the effects of her glamour.

Fey Self

Without her glamour, a few things change in regards to Eveline’s appearance. First and foremost her thin and fine physique appears more angular overall giving her a sort of scary beauty. Her eyes hold three different colors within the irises - green in the center around her pupils, blue in the middle and a lighter almost silver looking blue on the outside edges. Her hair holds the most notable feature of the Shaw family. It is silvery in color and seems so shiny and iridescent that it almost looks like crystal itself. In fact, this physical trait is almost an identifying feature for anybody within the Shaw family. Other than these few differences, Eveline looks pretty much the same as she does with her glamour.


When Eveline is around humans and other supernaturals, she seems like she doesn’t have a care in the world. She puts on a brave face and does her best to show an interest in nearly everything. She’s always wanting to try new things and loves her freedom. She likes to explore new areas even though her sense of direction isn’t exactly the greatest. She wants to make friends and connections in life, but at the same time, she remains wary. She remains cautious of humans despite her fondness of them, and this is because of what she had all witnessed growing up. Because of this past, Eveline has her moments in which she prefers her seclusion from others. Now granted her parents liked seclusion from all society period so perhaps some of it just rubbed off onto Eveline.

Despite her desire to befriend and help humans in whatever manner she can, Eveline fears the retaliation that might ensue should anyone find out what she really is. Although, if she were to face retaliation she would be the type of fey to stand for herself. Eveline wouldn’t leave herself defenseless and refuse to fight just for the sake of saving a few humans. No, she would fight back to protect and save her own life if the occasion called for it. Also, despite all of Evvy’s attempts and strains in order to blend into human society, she, in the end, finds the human society tedious and difficult to understand fully.

Around fey, Eveline becomes more serious in nature and adheres to social etiquette common to those of the fey race. She will compliment beauty out of a compulsive habit. The carefree and wild girl melts away completely and despite her nature to do what she can to help humans, her desire to help the Seelie Court is stronger. Eveline will do whatever it takes to be of use to the Seelie Court. Once she finds a specific court that will accept her though, her loyalty will be extremely hard to shake. She would do whatever she could for her court. The one key trait though that Evvy does fully grasp on is the belief that sex is as normal as shaking hands. Growing up around the human society has taken its toll and has wrought the feelings that sex is a more private affair and more intimate than what most fey would be lead to believe. This feeling towards sex has left Eveline as a virgin still as she desires for her first time to be more on the special side.


My story begins on the night of November 1st, 1882. On this night I was born along with my twin sister to my loving parents, Beatrice and Walter Shaw, in a small little town called Elizabeth, West Virginia. The town wasn’t much, to be honest. Homes were far and few between and everybody kept to themselves for the most part. Perhaps that was a good thing though since Jim Crow laws were passed not too long before my birth. Living and growing up in the time of ‘separate but equal’ status in the United States was definitely a time that opened eyes - especially since I wasn’t even human.

Since I was fey, my parents instilled a few rules upon us growing up. The first rule was to never show your fey self to the human world so always have your glamour on when out and about. Humans, for the most part, were judgemental and jealous creatures. Which, thanks to the Jim Crow laws in place I was easily able to experience just how cruel the human world could really be. The second rule was to never use my magic around others outside the fey Seelie court. Whether they were human or not, it didn’t matter. There were others with ill-intent in both the human world and the supernatural world. And the final rule was to always be wary. Keeping a healthy bit of wariness was a good thing and will keep you alive in the secret world of the supernatural.

For some time, we lived there in the wooded hills of West Virginia. Since we lived rather isolated from human civilization, we didn’t have a need to really hide for the most part. But when the Great Depression hit, more and more people began to wander closer and closer to our home as they searched for anything to help them. It was then that my family decided to move away.

Carefully, my family moved to Spain to live amongst the Seelie Courts there. For the most part, we didn’t have to worry about much in regards to the human world. While living there, I learned a little bit about my abilities and even began to form an idea on what I wanted to do career-wise. Sure I missed the woods that I had grown to love from back in West Virginia, but I was enjoying the experience of not needing to hide all that much in my daily life.

But of course, all good things must come to an end.

When World War Two broke out, our community went from openly being with each other to yet once again concealing ourselves from the world. For years we hid, changed our glamours to blend in with the human society and hoped that the tragedies that were plaguing the world outside Spain would stay away from us. Stories of the horrors that the human world brought upon itself came to us upon the lips of those who ran away to escape the said horrors. Secretly, we would help these refugees to escape their pasts as best as we could. Sometimes we wouldn’t even be able to understand the languages that they would speak, but the looks on their faces said everything that needed to be said.

After the end of World War Two, life was slow to get back to a new normal. With the war, some of the Seelie Courts had left and as people were fleeing the horrors that unfolded in the more eastern parts of Europe, some humans chose to settle down around us. This meant that I could no longer allow myself to live as freely as I would have liked. So… despite my family being happy where they were, for now, I began to look for someplace else to live.

Years passed as I tried to decide on a place to go to. Hell, even the supernatural world ended up being revealed to the human world. Rioters and hate groups flooded the streets as they tried to hunt us all down. Sometimes they even hurt their own kind out of their own fear that someone was supernatural. It was chaotic. Once again we found ourselves living in fear every day. My parents kept saying that the hate would eventually pass but I didn’t want to wait that long. So once I heard even the faintest of whispers about a place that wasn’t nearly as bad as where I lived, I researched it and waited for the perfect timing to move there - Savannah, Georgia.

Sure, I still had to wait, but it made more sense for a seeming college-aged girl to leave home and go to college in the country she was originally born in. I wasn’t even sure if there were any courts there. All I knew was that I applied for the college there and when I knew I was accepted to attend, I found a studio apartment near the college. Luckily my parents were willing to pay for pretty much everything - my schooling, my apartment, everything. I guess they had been saving money for some time and with how long we all live it just piles up.

So in the year 2018, I booked a plane ticket back to the United States in order to try and live my life the way I wanted to. Sure having to appear human and attend the college was probably going to be annoying and tedious, but hopefully, I’d be able to live freer and with less fear in Savannah.

Acknowledging Beauty - It is considered rude to ignore the beauty of a Sidhe. What looks like a good round of flirting is actually a simple matter of etiquette.

Ability to Lie - The Sidhe do not have the ability to lie. But, they are very good at twisting the truth and spinning a long tale that confuses the listener.

Sex - Sex is as normal as shaking hands. It is not something always done in private. The Seelie Court does try to keep any outwards displays to a minimum, having adopted some of humanity's morals. The Unseelie, however, could care less what others think, and go on about it here or there, whenever they wish and when.

Cold Iron - Being wounded or stabbed by anything iron can cause a Sidhe to heal at a slow human rate. If surrounded by iron, such as a cage or a car, the Sidhe loses their magick abilities entirely and possibly can cause their life force to die. (Steel can do much the same as iron, however, has half the strength.)

Abilities - The abilities/magick of the Sidhe are much like those of Incantors and Elementals. The only difference is they call it their Hand of Power.

Elf-Struck - If a sidhe does not tone down their magic when having sex with a human, they can cause the human to become addicted. This can cause the elf-struck human to wither and die in want of sidhe flesh.

Glamour - This is the ability to change a sidhe's appearance for the eyes of a human. Only a few sidhe can work their glamour on other sidhe, humans, creatures, and inanimate objects. If this is done without permission, it can be viewed as an insult.

Ability to Communicate through Mirrors - Achieved by covering a mirror with one’s personal power or magic, and willing the communication through a spell. Speak the person’s name, and will the communication. This can be done in any reflective surface: example; mirror, still pool, shiny blade, smooth ice, or pool of blood.

Immunity - Unable to be infected by any preternatural viruses, so will not turn into vampires, Lycans, weres, etc.

Age - The Sidhe do not really know age, they do not age like humans do. However few at this time are over the age of 1,000 human years.

Hands of Power

Mineral Manipulation - By focusing on the minerals in the earth and surrounding area, Eveline is capable of growing crystalline structures and molding them into whatever shape she desires (from spikes, spears, to spheres, shields, or even small pendants for jewelry) and can even make them so they can be infused with magic. In her younger years, to fully control this power takes a lot of concentration and it even ties itself with her more volatile emotions. As she gets a little bit older though, she will gain full control and be able to use this hand of power as simple as just a blink of an eye. This is an uncommon hand of power that follows the Shaw lineage.

Cellular Regeneration - A form of healing. This was the first hand of power that Eveline stumbled upon growing up and therefore has the most control over. In order to use this hand of power, Eveline must focus upon the cells of the tissue that she wants to manipulate into healing. Once she has a grasp on the intended cells, she can force them to regenerate at a rapid pace. This can cause wounds to close and stop bleeding and even push disease out of the cells. However, this power can't save someone on the brink of death, cure terminal illnesses, or even remove toxins/poisons. She can push the toxins/poisons out of the cells but she would still need outside help to either remove or to provide an antidote to fully remove toxins/poisons out of the body. This is the most common hand of power amongst the Shaw lineage and the Shaw family is actually rather well known for this hand of power.

Can speak English and Spanish.
Can identify the different types of crystals and minerals.
Can make jewelery
Slight medical knowledge
Some self defense knowledge
Singing (though she is extremely modest about it)

College student at the university, has a studio apartment (though her parents are paying for schooling and her apartment currently). A cell phone. A stylish wardrobe mixed with dressy clothes and typical college kid clothes. She is technically rich by both fey and human standards, but chooses not to live/appear as though she is.

Beatrice Shaw (mother, not on site)
Walter Shaw (father, not on site)
Clarissa Shaw (twin sister, not on site)
Seelie Court (was part of a Seelie Court in Spain)
Is Sidhe Fey


did you read the rules? you bet!

have you uploaded an avatar? i believe so 8D

your age 26 years physically....mentally though is another story

years of RP experience I've been part of the rping world since the summer of 2004 sooo like 14 years?

how did you find us? soo I know Andy from other places. One night during a D&D sesh she simply asked if we were all over 18 and then proceeded to send us a link to the site saying "we were cool peeps" and that she was "inviting us to her special sanctum" I might be rephrasing though... don't trust my quotes. lol

*From a post on a fantasy wolf rpg I'm on where my character, Moriko, and others were battling as a group against a large krokodile beast. A little more than 3 paragraphs are given because of the length of some of the paragraphs and to not take paragraphs out of sequence/context. Aether is their magic and Aspheria is the name of their country/land/world.*

"- Desperate to be of some use I glanced around for something that I could do. Sure I could have done the shards of stone again, but when I did try to reach out to the aether that controlled that power it wavered and struggled to work its way to my full grasp until eventually, I felt myself lose it as it snapped back to whence it came. So I had to do something else...but what?

Slowly my mind turned until something finally came along.

Step by painfully agonizing step, I walked as quietly as I could up to the creature’s side. Once I felt like I was close enough, but yet safely out of the majority of the beast’s attack range, I stopped. Eyes glanced at the crystals that surrounded me. This time they were stronger - not as fragile looking. That was a good sign. Then I inspected all the crystals looking for the perfect one to do what I intended to do. It took a little bit of time but thanks to the others already attacking the creature and the birefringence of the crystals surrounding me I was given enough opportunity to find the perfect spear of crystal: aimed for the beast and away from the others.

It didn't take me all that much longer to do what I wanted. I had already stumbled upon this power once during my travels away from Aspheria. Gently, I began to poke and prod the aether connected to this particular power of augmentation and once it had awoken and stirred I directed it towards the crystal. Dizziness washed over me as the crystal began to increase in size. Though...it wasn't fast enough.


I thought to myself and the aether alone. Faster. In the blink of an eye, it seemed as if the crystal exploded as it grew exponentially with its pointed tip aimed straight for the beast if it stayed its original course. Although, I wasn't going to know until later if I actually managed to pierce the beast for right at the last second the crystals surrounding me were also augmented and grew - blocking my already then blurred vision. I could only hope that I had managed to hit and do some damage because this needed to end and quickly."

Giaerie / Giaerie #8918

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Posted on: Jul 4 2018, 01:52 AM

Ready to be looked at.

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Posted on: Jul 4 2018, 10:05 AM

Affliction requires two staff approvals on each application. Please wait until second approval from our staff to begin posting.

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Thank you, Kawaii Dragon
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Posted on: Jul 5 2018, 08:04 AM

Please fill in all fields of your profile in user control panel, including link to this app and primary account name.
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