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In a world you thought you knew, secrets remained hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. In the age of the internet and television, the characters of your childhood fairy tales, your favorite movies, or even your wildest desires are all reality. Humanity has found itself no longer alone. The monsters are out of the closet. Magic is real. Society has found itself divided into those who have accepted the 'others', and those who wish to send these creatures into a fiery grave.

Here you'll find a church that promises lasting life by embracing the eternal curse of the vampire. There are groups of humans who have risen up to create hate groups to destroy the supernatural. An eternal struggle between angels and demons amidst it all, threatening destruction of the entire world in the cross-fire. All the while, most of society works, lives, breathes, right along side monsters and beautiful creatures from their dreams. Who are you among them?

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia.

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 What's a Girl to do? {P~ Grayson}
Posted on: Sep 24 2017, 04:35 AM

She was driving just a little too fast over the bridge, but Lucy was still a little wound up. She'd sent a text ahead and knew that her friend was home and available for conversation. The meeting between all of the leaders had been successful, as far as she knew, but it had also been a bit heated. What she needed right now was a friend who'd be willing to just hang out and shoot the shit, even if only for a little bit. Grayson, like the rest of them, had his people and his responsibilities.

The serpent knew Savannah like the back of her hand, could tell you exactly where all of the territories were, where all of the were leaders kept themselves holed up, where all of the major vampire hangouts were, where the best Italian place was... She kept her finger on the pulse of her city and it wasn't for naught. She knew where the pack staked their claim. She'd been there more than once. First, to introduce herself to the Lukoi alpha, and then as a friend.

She pulled up to the house, standing in all of its glory on this small island metropolis, and shut off the engine of her little Focus. Lucy got out of the car and headed up to the front door to be greeted by a member of the pack, one she'd met a time or two, who said he'd go let the Alpha know that she was there. "Thanks." She gave the man one of her stunner smiles and waited at the front door to be invited in by the man in charge.

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Posted on: Oct 1 2017, 08:53 PM

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