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In a world you thought you knew, secrets remained hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. In the age of the internet and television, the characters of your childhood fairy tales, your favorite movies, or even your wildest desires are all reality. Humanity has found itself no longer alone. The monsters are out of the closet. Magic is real. Society has found itself divided into those who have accepted the 'others', and those who wish to send these creatures into a fiery grave.

Here you'll find a church that promises lasting life by embracing the eternal curse of the vampire. There are groups of humans who have risen up to create hate groups to destroy the supernatural. An eternal struggle between angels and demons amidst it all, threatening destruction of the entire world in the cross-fire. All the while, most of society works, lives, breathes, right along side monsters and beautiful creatures from their dreams. Who are you among them?

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia.

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 Need to update house description {CLOSED}
Posted on: Jul 4 2018, 10:45 PM

I thought I posted this earlier, but for the life of me it appears I did not!

I need to update Lou's house description as I forgot a key part of it - it's wards. I realized as I was writing about it, I completely failed to include this in the description!

Lou's mother was a witch, she warded the property to keep her empathic daughter safe. I've also expanded the description of the property.

If I need to dial back something or completely remove it, please let me know and I will edit asap. //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/smile.gif

P.S. spoiler code does not appear to be working (probably user error, please let me know how to fix and I will do that, too).


Lou’s house Affliction
"The House"

Lou lives in the family’s Victorian-era home, which was built in 1896. An adorable four bed, two and half bath with a wrap-around porch in the more well-off part of town. The house is furnished nicely with antiques, including a small piano and comes with a few perks, the benefit of being a child of well-off parents, one of whom was a witch.

Interesting herbs are planted in the front of the house and hung from the planters on the wide, wrap-around porch. The porch is picturesque with its white, rattan chairs, two-person swing and wide-white ceiling fans. Several doors allow entrance from the wrap-around porch into the main areas of the house; a dwelling designed for socializing. Floor to ceiling windows also let in excellent amounts of light throughout the house.

Through the double-front doors, one steps into a foyer and is immediately presented with a 180-degree view of the downstairs interior. A small table sits to the side of the doorway with decorative bowl. Lou uses this to hold her keys.

To the right of the hallway, just ahead of them was a half bath. Beneath the stairs, was a closet. To their right, was what looked like a study. The furniture there was Jacobite, dark and heavy, a masculine room. At the end, two, leather wing chairs sat in front of another gas fireplace. On the left side of the fireplace was a built-in, recessed bookshelf.

Pictures of Lou and her parents line the wall of the hallway and lead up the stairs. A progression of her growth from a small, little girl, with eyes too big for her face and beautiful smile to her college graduation. The family looked happy and well-off. The girl obviously loved.

There were older photos, too, of her parents. Her father was a tall man, with dark hair and blue eyes and the lean aesthetic of an athletic Brit. Her mother, while not as short as Lou, wasn’t exactly an Amazon either. Her hair was Scottish red and her eyes an unusual deep shade of blue that looked violet in some of the photos. Lou’s dark eyes were obviously a recessive gene, but the familial resemblance was there. It was easy to see where the girl got her figure. A swatch of a MacLaghlan tartan, a highland one, was framed an accompanied the clan’s motto.

The ceilings are high. When the house was built, there was no central air conditioning, thus high ceilings and big windows helped keep the house cool in the height of summer. Now, electric ceiling fans, double-paned, thermal glass, and a/c made the interior of the house a comfortable temperature against the humid heat that comes with Georgia summers.

Upstairs are the four bedrooms, including a central, full-bath, and the master bedroom with its own private, full bath. As with most older, Southern homes, the laundry is off the kitchen, in the garage, which can hold two cars. Lou only has one-car.
The backyard is also large covered in spongy, soft sod grass. Immediately off the wrap-around porch is a small, residential pool and hot-tub. Around the exterior of the property sits a privacy-fence at the base of which sit small, solar lights. Beyond the pool area is the green grass, another herb garden, a free-standing hammock, and a workshed, designed to look like the style of the house.

Within the shed are the normal gardening tools, plus a workbench and dried herbs. This was Lou’s mother’s work area. Dogwood trees sit at the back of the property and one large oak. In Summer evenings, the trees sparkle with fireflies. The backyard was obviously designed for socializing.

Special notes
Lou’s mother was a witch and sought to ensure her sensitive, empathic daughter was protected from all the things she knew to be real. Things, her folklorist husband researched and wrote about. Small standing stones mark the edges of the property, etched with Pictish designs. It took Ailsa years and blood, hers, to build the perimeter protections. There are also wards etched into the window and door frames.

The purpose of Ailsa’s wards is to keep out creatures that seek to harm her daughter. But, because nothing is perfect, there are ways around them. Lou can invite a creature into her home and creatures can come to the door, uninvited, providing their intent is not to hurt Lou. Uninvited guests who do not have an intent to harm, may feel a slight discomfort. Humans are exempt from the wards, thus, human agents can do what supernatural ones cannot. Stronger entities may be able to override the wards. Nothing is perfect after all.

Intent to harm repercussions:
Contained immolation is the key measure against supernatural creatures with an intent to harm. Invitations from Lou, override this. Once invited; however, a creature can be uninvited. In this case, the creature is expelled from the house and its property as if shoved by a great force.
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Posted on: Jul 5 2018, 09:52 AM

We currently don't have spoiler code available on the board. If you'd like, I can still add all the pertinent information for you. //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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Posted on: Jul 6 2018, 11:07 PM

Yes, please, thanks!

Once that is updated this topic can be marked closed! //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/laugh.gif //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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