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In a world you thought you knew, secrets remained hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. In the age of the internet and television, the characters of your childhood fairy tales, your favorite movies, or even your wildest desires are all reality. Humanity has found itself no longer alone. The monsters are out of the closet. Magic is real. Society has found itself divided into those who have accepted the 'others', and those who wish to send these creatures into a fiery grave.

Here you'll find a church that promises lasting life by embracing the eternal curse of the vampire. There are groups of humans who have risen up to create hate groups to destroy the supernatural. An eternal struggle between angels and demons amidst it all, threatening destruction of the entire world in the cross-fire. All the while, most of society works, lives, breathes, right along side monsters and beautiful creatures from their dreams. Who are you among them?

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia.

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 Etain Devlin, Unseelie Sidhe
Posted on: May 17 2017, 05:35 PM

user posted image
user posted image

Full Name: Etain Devlin
Face Claim: Charlize Theron
Title: Queen of Air and Darkness
Race: Fey (Sidhe)
Rank: Unseelie Queen
Gender: Female
Birthdate: August 7th, 1117
Eye Color: Tri-color Blue withing a circle of green, edged with glimmering gold. (using glamour her eyes are green)
Hair Color: gold/blonde
Built: slender and tall, delicate boned, and gold flesh.
Markings (Tattoos/Scars/Piercings/Etc.): One scar just beneath her left shoulder blade from a rapier dual centuries ago.

user posted image
Conditions: Psychopathy
Greatest Motivation: Power
Greatest Fear: Weakness
Greatest Asset: Devotion to her chosen
Greatest Flaw: Volatile

One Words To Sum Them Up:

On a scale of 1 to 10

Confidence: 8
Modest 9 Arrogant
Sinner 1 Saint
Stoic 3 Joker
Shameful 10 Shameless
Cold 5 Affectionate
Passive 9 Aggressive
Introvert 6 Extrovert
Chaste 9 Flirt
Consistent 10 Erratic
Grounded 8 Disperse
Isolated 4 Friendly
Disloyal 9 Dependable

user posted image
Hobbies (Reading/Writing/Drawing/Pop Culture/Etc.): Reading
Ideal Career Path: Queen
Academic Inclination (Arts/Sciences/Mathematics/Humanities/Etc.): Politics
Traveling? Neutral
Dating? Dislike
Partying? Neutral
Reading? Love

user posted image
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Sexual Behavior: Switch
Status: Open Relationship
Love Interest(s) Vashti Aza
Close Friend(s): Dahlia Faust
Live Family: Father, Mother, Youngest Brother 'Voss'
Deceased Family: none needed remembering

user posted image
Social Class: Very High
Guardians: Tried Their Best
Childhood: Popular
Trauma(s): Cursed and entombed with the deep ocean
Over Trama(s)? Partially
Influential People: Self

user posted image
Genre: Horror / Historical / Drama
Snack: Sweet Salty
Coffee: Prefer Tea
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Color: Gold / Black
Ideal Type: Aggressive

user posted image
Unlikable 4 Likeable
General Style: Formal
Unkempt 10 Meticulous
Handshake: Cold
Posture: Upright
Look: Glare
Overall Presence: Poised and Dangerous

user posted image
Career / Job: Confectionery Chef and Cafe owner
Content: No
Residence (1): World of Fairy / Unseelie Kingdom
Residence (2): Castle
Housemate(s): Lonan Wilde
Financial Status: Upper Class
Religion: none
Negligent 1 Devout

user posted image
Ability 1: Hand of Shard: Can create objects out of solid stone or glass, creating weapons and small armies.
Weakness: Etain must be within fifty feet of these objects or they will shatter to nothing. Weakened enough in battle, again these objects will crumble.
Beginner 9 Expert

Ability 2: Hand of Blade: Can penetrate through flesh and simple fabrics into chest cavity. Thusly, ripping out one's heart or lungs.
Weakness: Ability only allows for thrust between coastal cartilage of front chest. Unable to penetrate through most armor.
Beginner 10 Expert

Ability 3: Air and Darkness: Etain can sometimes hear what is said by another thousands of miles away. It is as if the air catches the whisper and then speaks to her.
Weakness: Whatever was said must be spoken at night. Etain's shields must be open and focused to hear anything. And even then, there is a fifty percent chance she won't hear what she is 'looking' for.
Beginner 5 Expert

Ability 4: Glamour: Ability to change appearance in front of others, creating a total new image of self.
Weakness: Some Fairy are able to see through her Glamour. Some Weres are able to catch the scent of Fairy, when around her. High skilled Witches can see hints through her Glamour.
Beginner 8 Expert

Ability 5: Moving through Mirrors: Ability to step through mirrors, using them as a portal. Mirror must be large enough for Etain to pass her body through naturally and uncovered. Such as if it were a hole or doorway, in order for the mirror to be used.
Weakness: If too distracted, she could miscalculate and travel through the wrong mirror, become stuck in a wall, or become halved with parts of her body on different sides of the mirror plain.
Beginner 9 Expert

Ability 6: Communicate by Mirror: Achieved by covering a mirror with one’s personal power or magic, and willing the communication through a spell. Speak the person’s name, and will the communication.
Weakness: Must use a reflective surface: example; mirror, still pool, shiny blade, smooth ice, or pool of blood.
Beginner 9 Expert

General to Fairy:

Ability to Lie - The Sidhe do not have the ability to lie. But, they are very good at twisting the truth and spinning a long tale that confuses the listener.

Cold Iron - Being wounded or stabbed by anything iron can cause a Sidhe to heal at a slow human rate. If surrounded by iron, such as a cage or a car, the Sidhe loses their magick abilities entirely, and possible can cause their life force to die.

Elf-Struck - If a sidhe does not tone down their magic when having sex with a human, they can cause the human to become addicted. This can cause the elf-struck human to wither and die in want of sidhe flesh.

Immunity - Unable to be infected by any preternatural viruses, so will not turn into vampires, weres, etc.

Age - The Sidhe do not really know age, they do not age like humans do. However few at this time are over the age of 1,000 human years.

user posted image
Skill set 1: Manipulation: Very skilled at manipulating others into believing and doing what she wishes.
Beginner 8 Expert

Skill set 2: Baking and crafting: She is an expert confectionary chef. Making chocolate candies and pastries.
Beginner 10 Expert

user posted image
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Preferred Weapons: Dagger
Weekly Hours of Exercise: does sex count?
Vices: Murder / Torture / Excessive Sex
Criminal Record: None accounted for in the Human World
Type of Drunk: Angry

user posted image

Etain was born of the House Devlin. A second in line to the Seelie throne, the Devlin's had always been a highly respected clan. Their wisdom and loyalty to the Seelie regent has caused them to be constant advisers and often called upon to settle any matters of dispute among the Fae kind. It was to this hidden world of magic and nobility that Etain was reared from her birth. Her mother gentle, her father well respected. However, it would seem that their first child would be nothing like any of her lineage.

The golden child never did lived up to her seeming bright visage. She was a proud thing. Often expecting so much more than what she was given, she would pout and throw the most horrible of tantrums, even in front of the royal court. Etain demanded much of her parents, and of those around her. For in her young mind was birthed the idea that she was destined for something greater. Greater than even the god like regents of the Seelie.

As time would pass, this desire became a wild hunger. Deviancy would claim her mind, as in the slaugh and unblessed Unseelie, Etain would find the answer to what would give her power.. the dark force, the Hunt. And so, it was through the sway of her beauty and manipulative mind, that Etain began to lure adoring and loyal eyes to her cause. Until, with the help of her youngest brother Voss, on the night of Beltane, as Seelie lay with one another in drunken revelry, Etain led slaugh into the throne room of the Seelie. Where they began to trash and slaughter the lesser kin who tended to the regents, while Etain laughed and took in a moment of sudden glory upon the throne, declaring herself Queen of all Fae kind.

When word quickly got to those in celebration, the storm of Seelie fell down upon Etain and her followers. The slaugh who were unable to flee in time were captured and committed to death. Where as Etain, who had committed no murder, was from henceforth expelled from the Sidhe mounds of the United Kingdom and an official decree made that she was no longer to be known as a Seelie, but as one of the unblessed (Unseelie).

Cast away from the magical homeland of the Sidhe, Etain fled to the new world with some of her Unseelie 'entourage'. The year was 1830. And Etain found herself hiding among humans in the city of New York. While here in the city she found many to trick and scheme her living from, she could not stand all of the buildings and the mass of humans that caused such a stench to her senses.

Etain and her retinue, one of which was her long time lover Lonan Wilde, began a new journey, searching for a home. She established a kingdom in the city of Seattle, Washington. There she ruled as the Unseelie Queen, until a spell would remove her to the bottom of the sea. In that time, an usurper took the Dark Crown. Casting her away from the kingdom in which she had built.

It was at this time, that Etain Devlin would be rescued from the most stark region of the feywild by King Vincent of the Seelie. He would find the light inside her darkness. And in turn, Etain found herself loving him. Two women would also find her heart, although more like family to Etain. Dahlia and Adeline would find themselves under Etain's protection.

It wasn't long afterwards, that Vincent disappeared. Leaving Etain distraught, and a kingdom with an empty throne. Etain took the Seelie crown. Her long time lover, Lonan Wilde returning to serve at the queen's side. Still, she had her enemies. And they would set an overnight attack on Etain's court, kidnapping Lonan, Dahlia, and Ada from her. With the help of her friend Treita, Etain was able to rescue and find them.

Not finding all who had harmed them, Etain whisked them away to the eastern seaboard. Savannah, Georgia. Etain found a place where ley lines intersected with powers gifted by the ancient Aos Sí. The name of the city was Savannah, Georgia. A placed laced with several small fairy mounds that the humans had never noticed. Using her beauty and practiced skills of deceit, Etain caused the then Unseelie King to fall in love with her. He made Etain is queen. A mistake he would quickly find he had made, when she drove a dagger through his emerald heart. A secret kill that only her lover Lonan Wilde knows about, as it was proclaimed it had been attack by his old enemy.

Etain has begun her rule of the Unseelie of the 'Forest City', with her 'Darkness' Lonan Wilde and faithful ravens at her side. Finding her place in a city of ghosts. And making a new name for herself. A new beginning.

user posted image


About the tall slender figure of the Sidhe caressed the inky black night that was Lonan’s spider web of magic. Ghostly ribbons that trailed swiftly through the air. The scent of acrid smoke and death that slipped between her lips. Caressed the damp length of her tongue. Lonan’s scent crawling in the air around her. Prodding the darkness within Etain to grow, to thicken within the liquid gold of her veins. And she could feel it. Creeping up her spine, so that a long slender light would beam beneath her skin.

Etain’s glare remained lowered. Locked upon the sniveling little fey. The points of his ears trembling, belying the truth that he was not a pure blood sidhe. He had been a fool to speak. Made even more foolish, as he attempted to turn away from the monster given ‘birth’ by the forming shadows.

The Queen watched with a sadistic quiet pleasure as her hellhound lover rushed in for his kill. The sharp crack of bone splintering the air. Breaking through his cries, as a river of blood began to spill upon the stone floor. It’s crimson pool spreading beneath the table to inch slowly towards the female fey. Her own cries resounding upon the stone walls.

Her Darkness. His howl would bring cold shivers to Etain’s skin. A heavy hot breath escaping her, as her long lashes closed. Drinking in the sound of his feral snarls and bone breaking snaps upon flesh and bone. Her own darkness seeping between the weak fissures that had once thought to be mended. Feeding and drawing power from the horrid macabre sounds that rushed around the room.

This. This. How she had longed for this. The bleeding blackness that was her own soul. The demon that lurked just beneath the glittering gold. Back talons clutching at the heart of the Seelie born. Beckoning, calling to her perverse and sinister self.

In the sudden silence, there was one sound left. Struggling draws of breath between muffled cries. Etain walked towards Lonan and the table. A long stem reaching out to draw fingers in a wet caress over his smooth black hide. Elegant pads slipping up to stroke the thin tip of one ear, as she tilted her head slightly. Catching a glimpse of a trembling knee and hem beneath the table.

“Oh, now come, my lovely,” Etain cooed. Her voice almost hypnotic, soothing despite its sinister tongue, “Come, you are safe now. Come out. Come out. You shouldn’t hide.”

There was a little whimper. And then the sound of fabric and soft leather shoes moving on the stone. The girl peaked up, seeing Etain and the bloody maw of the hellhound. She jerked back. Grimacing, again her body shaking like a leaf.

“I won’t hurt you. Not if you can keep this secret. Promise,” Etain paused, giving the girl a moment to think. Everyone knew a fairy was unable to lie. Yet, they were very good at sneaking a twist within their words. One just had to pay attention to every word, every detail spoken. “Promise...that you won’t speak of this again, and I will not spill your sweet blood."

There was a long silence. And then a feeble little sound of a voice, “I promise.”

“Good. Now, be a good girl and go get cleaned up,” Etain replied. Her voice still caressing the air with a belying tongue.

The servant stood up, and scrambled away. Rushing out the back behind the throne. Etain’s tri-colored hues followed her. Then a soft tap of one finger pressed to the back of the hellhound’s skull, “When she reaches the woods….she is yours.”

Trust. Something rarely earned by Etain, and rewarded to the few. The Queen couldn’t take chances. Besides, Lonan’s hunger was hardly filled.

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