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In a world you thought you knew, secrets remained hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. In the age of the internet and television, the characters of your childhood fairy tales, your favorite movies, or even your wildest desires are all reality. Humanity has found itself no longer alone. The monsters are out of the closet. Magic is real. Society has found itself divided into those who have accepted the 'others', and those who wish to send these creatures into a fiery grave.

Here you'll find a church that promises lasting life by embracing the eternal curse of the vampire. There are groups of humans who have risen up to create hate groups to destroy the supernatural. An eternal struggle between angels and demons amidst it all, threatening destruction of the entire world in the cross-fire. All the while, most of society works, lives, breathes, right along side monsters and beautiful creatures from their dreams. Who are you among them?

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia.

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Zander & Sabryn

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Posted on: May 17 2017, 02:27 PM

-- Original Characters Only.

-- Play nice, don't be a dick.

It is really that simple. Have respect for yourself, fellow players and staff. If a problem occurs between two typists that cannot be resolved then please let an admin or a moderator help you. We've been doing this for a long time, and usually, we can work together to defuse a situation and come to a happy medium. We do not tolerate flaming or bullying of any kind on this forum. Leave the OOC drama at the door.

This is a two strikes and you are out website.

-- DO NOT Power-Play, Meta-Game or God-Mode.

Powerplaying - controlling someone else's character. making your character more powerful than what we approved in your app
Metagaming- using OOC knowledge IC.
Godmoding - making your character omnipotent or indestructible.

---If you have expressed permission of a typist to use an ability on them- we need to see that written at the bottom of your post.

--Threads and Posting:

We follow the quality over quantity rule. That being said-- we are not a one-liner site. Three hundred plus word count recommended. If you like writing long posts, you're more than welcome to do so, same with if you prefer shorter replies. Just be courteous of your fellow members; if they write out eight paragraphs try to give them more than a paragraph in return.

Please make sure to use Grammarly spellcheck, or something similar before posting. Also, try to back up your posts. The admins on this board use google docs to write our posts - we then copy and paste them onto the board. You will save yourself a lot of time and wasted effort if you get into this habit.

Your character may be in more than one thread, and we are not sticklers to post timelines. Place the in-story date at the top of the first post in a thread.

We do start threads before the date time. The only exception is within Special Event Forum. *New Rule as of 12/15/17

--Mature Content and Trigger Warnings!

Affliction is a 333 site. By registering on our forum you are essentially acknowledging that fact. You MUST be 18 or older, no exceptions. Period. Please do not ask. Extreme violence or graphic sex will be tagged appropriately. If the scene depicts rape or torture we ask that you place a trigger warning in the subject line.

****Tagging content*****

Format the title of your threads with the applicable tag (or a combination thereof) on the left hand side of topic title:

[AC Warning]
[BDSM Trigger]
[Rape Trigger]
[Explicit Violence]

Example: "[AC Warning] Topic title" or "[AC/BDSM Trigger] Topic title"

--Leadership Caps

Each writer may only write two leadership positions on the board.

--Alpha Caps

Each Were species may only have up to 5 Alphas.


Zero tolerance here. No kiddie/pedophile anything. No furry - or partial-shifted animal Netflix n chill time. No Nazi or alt-right stuff IC or OOC. No politics/religion/etc OOC. Thank you.


If you do not post within thirty days your character will be archived. We do not delete ANY applications on Affliction (Unless instructed to do so by typist) Upon your return we will simply reactivate your character. If you held a rank or position and did not put up a LOA on the board then you will have to reapply for the position or wait for it to become vacant again. Faction leaders must lead, Folks. We reserve the right to pull the title if you are MIA.


We use face claims on Affliction. Actor/Model/Ect. No art or drawings of any kind.

-- Avatars and Signature Sizes

Avatars: 250w x 400t
Signatures: 400w x 300t px

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Posted on: Dec 15 2017, 03:50 PM


We do start threads before the date time. The only exception is within Special Event Forum. *New Rule as of 12/15/17

I can only explain this much like Star Trek's space time continuum. Writing a thread weeks or so before it's date time can confuse other threads written between those dates. It changes events that have not already happened, but will before the date stamp set for the thread.

All threads before this date are grandfathered in, and do not have to follow this rule.

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