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In a world you thought you knew, secrets remained hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. In the age of the internet and television, the characters of your childhood fairy tales, your favorite movies, or even your wildest desires are all reality. Humanity has found itself no longer alone. The monsters are out of the closet. Magic is real. Society has found itself divided into those who have accepted the 'others', and those who wish to send these creatures into a fiery grave. A church that teach the ever lasting life by embracing vampires' eternity. Humans who have risen up to create hate groups against them. An eternal struggle between angels and demons amidst it all, threatening destruction of the entire world in the cross-fire. All the while, most of society works, lives, breathes, right along side monsters and beautiful creatures from their dreams. Who are you among them? Welcome to Savannah, Georgia.

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 Constantine Snow
Posted on: Oct 25 2017, 05:52 PM

user posted image

user posted image
Character Name: Constantine Snow
Face Claim: Pedro Soltz
Race: Fallen Angel
Power Rank if Vampire, Were, or Lycan: N/A
Gender: Male
Appearing Age: Mid-twenties
Chronological Age: 28 (host)
Profession: Bounty Hunter/ Mercenary
Group/Bloodline: NONE


Roguishly handsome or handsomely roguish? Constantine has a degree of stubble along a chiselled jawline, as well as an odd mix of neat and messy hair to complete the ‘I woke up like this’ look. And the truth is, he probably did. His whole aesthetic is a mixture of formal and informal, a two-piece suit, without a tie, top two buttons undone and a pair of black trousers. The shirt remained untucked. His eyes are an icy-blue, and his teeth a snow-white, usually hidden behind lips in a confident smile.

His body is toned, and muscular, but not especially bulky. The body of an athlete, not a bodybuilder. Hes strong and fast, and he looks it. Around six foot he’s of somewhat-average height.

user posted image

Constantine is selfish, arrogant and stubborn. So anyone who’d met him would tell you, but beneath that exterior he’s caring, selfless, and…. Still pretty arrogant. He likes a challenge, and likes his vices. Cigarettes, booze, women. The occasional gambling. It was no secret the man was no angelic example to be followed, and he never tried to be. He never suggested he was anything but what he was. With some embellishment. Constantine was a scoundrel, out for money to fund his vices, as well as revenge, or some shot at redemption. In truth Constantine barely knew why he fought, why he hunted down demons like he did. Maybe it was all he had left. Banishment left him alone for a long time, and human interaction isn’t a strong suit. The man’s well meaning, but struggles with subtlety and the sensitive nature of people. He can often blurt things out without a second thought.

Despite his downfalls, and his inability to become attached to people with anything other than his penis, Constantine would do anything for his friends, or even innocent lives. Though he tries not to think about the life he’s taken by essentially kidnapping a human’s body, he fights both for human and angel lives, despite how the angels had wronged him in the past. He’s also slow to anger, and very few, if any, have seen the man enraged. His defence mechanism is humour, and talking in general, whether it’s emotional or physical pain, he jokes through it. If someone were to drive him to rage however, he would be a hurricane, which would only stop when the enrager lay dead.

user posted image

“Look, I get it. The whole, ‘possessing my body without warning or permission.’ It probably sucks. I mean, I don’t have first hand experience being possessed but. Look on the bright side, you may be stuck with me but. You’re stuck with me for like. 1000 years. Max. Then you get to die and rot in the ground. Provided I don’t get you killed first. It’s a tricky situation. Not for me, if you die I’ll just possess someone else. But y’know I feel for you, I do.”
“Release me right now you son of a-”
“Listen, no amount of whining is going to make me release your body. And there’s not a chance you’ll annoy me enough to make me give in so-”
“Fucks sake! You should be happy! I’m one of the better fallen angels to haunt you. Some of em would use your body to commit all kinds of crimes and evil deeds.”
“And why do you need my body?!”
“I mean. It was luck of the draw, I just needed a body. Take it as a compliment, you’re handsome and in good shape so i chose you. I needed someone fit.”
“Well we’re all here for a reason. Maybe to pursue true love, or maybe to find your loved ones and protect them. I’m here to uh…” He paused for a moment. “Clean up. Baddies do bad stuff, I throw them in a shredder. Get it?”
“Wh- You took over my body to hunt criminals? This is insane!”
“Oh-ho. You’re gonna see some insane shit on this ride pal. It’s gonna be like a deadly rollercoaster. All you gotta do is sit back and watch.” There was silence from the host, at least he’d got the anger out. The first 2 hours was him crying profusely inside Constantine's head. The two didn’t talk again until the next day, where Constantine had adorned a black suit he’d found inside the man’s wardrobe, threw away the tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons, leaving the jacket open. He was halfway down the street when a voice crept up from inside his head, making him jump a little. “So… you hunt other angels?” His voice was quiet and hesitant, and Constantine replied out loud, pedestrians eyeing him like a madman as he talked to himself. “Sort of. I kill what I’m hired to. Provided its evil and ugly.” There was more anxious silence from the man, before he spoke again. “I’m Kane. I..I’m a lawyer.” It was as if the man didn’t entirely know what to say to an angel who possessed him. He couldn’t really blame him, what could you say to something like that. Humans didn’t even know this shit existed a few years ago, and now suddenly he was the second half of one. “Lawyer huh? Maybe I should be hunting you.” He muttered the joke dryly to lighten the mood, before introducing himself. “I’m Constantine and- SONOFABITCH.” Up ahead a man turned and darted into an alley after lobbing his phone at Constantine. Apparently having heard the name and recognised it immediately. “You only have yourself to blame for this one. It was gonna be a nice easy murder. Walk up, stab him, someone finds ash in the morning. Now I gotta chase him and beat him down.”
“He’s getting away!”
“Yeah? I’m giving him a head start, it’s only fair.” He walks over to a nearby ‘stop’ sign, looking down the alley at the demon sprinting down it, running toward a chain link fence. Ripping the sign free from the ground, he looked at the demon, extended his left arm to measure the distance between his thumb and index finger, humming quietly before launching it like a javelin, sending the sign spiralling through the air whistling past the demons ear, narrowly missing. “Agh, out of practice. It’s okay, new plan. Sorry darlin’ need this for like. 10 seconds max.” He hoisted a woman off over her moped, climbing aboard and revving it, speeding down the alley towards the demon as he jumped the fence, and he stood up on the moped, grinning wildly. He whistled the demon as the vehicle slammed into the fence and he jumped, flying over it and slamming into the demon with his shoulder, the two rolling across the ground in the alley “Okay, this is how it’s gonn-” The demon got up first, and smashed a glass bottle across his face as he went to stand, falling to the floor dripping with blood. “I deserved that but-” The bottle was then thrust into his cheek, the razor glass cutting a circular hole in it and going straight through, blood pouring out the neck of the bottle. “I thought you were good at this! Get up you idiot before you kill us!” Constantine grunted as the host berated him. “I’m out of practice, I’m not used to your body.” He yanked the bottle free, and stood up, the demon picking up a 2X4 from a nearby dumpster and spinning it. The demon ran toward Constantine, and swung the 2x4 at his head, Constantine ducked and weaved to his left, grabbing the back of his hair and yanking him to the floor, throwing his right fist into his throat the moment he hit the floor, stunning him long enough for Constantine to grab the 2x4 and smash his jaw to bits with a single fell swoop. His cheek began to heal over, though some shard were still poking out from the skin. “Now, listen. I am sentencing you to death. Now, I’ve been here 5 minutes so I don’t really have any equipment for execution so this isn’t going to be swift or dignified. In fact, it looks like i’m just gonna have to hit you in the head until you can’t heal from it. No, no don’t back away. Look this head smashing thing, it can be like a 2 second process if i hit you right, but if you keep wriggl- fuckit.” He brought the plank down solidly, the corner hitting the bridge of his nose and going straight through to the concrete. “See, Kane. Another clean mission.”

“I don’t get it.” He asked. It had been about a week since the two had been brought together, and the two had begun to bond. Hard not to when they spent every waking moment together. “Get what pal?” Constantine sat on a steel girder atop a construction site, watching the street below through his zoomed-in phone camera. “You’re hunting ‘bad guys’ but… you’re not a proper angel?” He took a picture, whistling at his statement as he watched his target down below. “Low blow. I’m grey or fallen. Like a neutral angel.”
“But… if you’re hunting bad people you’re picking sides. Why? Surely you don't have to do anything if you’re fallen?”
“Nah it’s… complicated. It don’t have to do this. It’s just…”
“You’re trying to redeem yourself?”
“No! Fuck em, I don’t care about the overgrown pigeon population.”

Of course, that wasn’t the entire story. There was a time before he was fallen, a time when he was fighting alongside the other angels. “Constantine!” He stood, armoured up with a sword in hand, raising a brow. His armour was battered and charred, blood covering the once-white metal. “You’re looking quite the state. How many of michaels pets did you slay?” Constantine grimaced, wiping his sword off between his bicep and forearm. “Not enough.” The grimace twisted into a dark smile, looking off into the horizon. “They’ll move again soon, suggest we get ready to intercept.” He offered, rubbing his jaw in thought. The angel replied in a bored tone. “Orders from Lucifer, says he needs you specifically to keep an eye on them. Say’s you’re quickest and quietest.” There was a tinge of envy at the end of his statement, and Constantine merely nodded humbly, sheathing his blade and beginning his jog across the desert. It was nearly a day of running until he arrived at their war camp, and he crept amongst rocks and watched the men who used to be his allies make merry around fires, and sharpen their weapons. When he saw the opportunity strike, he ran amongst a gap in the patrol and made his way into the largest of the camps tents. When the leader of which spotted Constantine skulking in the corner, he turned to his guards and waved them away. “Leave me. I must plan.” And when they left, Constantine stood, approaching him, stood up straight and looking him in the eye. The man laughed lightly, shaking his head. “One day, I’ll get you to bow.” Constantine smirked in reply, raising a brow and crossing his arms in response. “Yeah. One day Raph.” The mans smile faded, looking him up and down. “What happened? Is that your blood?” He shrugged, nodding his head.
“Some of it. I’m in, Lucifer trusts me. I had to… prove myself but…” Raphael understood immediately, and bowed his head. He knew what that meant, and what that meant to Constantine. But it was necessary.

See, wars weren’t won by footmen alone. They needed information on the movements of the fallen angels. Constantine won Lucifers trust by slaying one of his own, an unforgivable sin and a sacrifice Constantine was willing to make. He did it for the angels in order to save them, but despite those he’d saved he couldn’t get over killing his ally. Though he did well as both a soldier of Lucifer and a spy for Raphael. When Lucifer was defeated, partly thanks to Constantine’s work, he was dragged before the angels. Though Raphael recognised his help, they also recognised that they could not forgive the killing of their own, regardless of why he did it. He was not killed, but instead exiled, to become a fallen angel. From that point onwards he strived to make it right, not to the angels but to himself. Maybe, eventually he’d come to the point where he’d killed enough evil to warrant killing that one angel a long time ago. He hoped so, but deep in his heart he knew he was never going to save enough lives to warrant that one murder. That one murder that haunted him…

He’d come before Lucifer that morning, swore his allegiance before him but he wasn’t convinced. In order to prove his descent into sin, and his lust for power, Constantine was ordered to bring before him evidence of a dead angel. After all, if Constantine couldn’t kill an angel he was worthless to him anyway. He was sent out with a small team, and met another group of patrolling angels. They all recognised each other, they had once been brethren of course, but leapt into battle without hesitation. All but two. Constantine froze, and locked eyes with another angel across the battle. He shook his head gently, enough for him to see, but subtly enough for the others to miss it in all the action. “Constantine. You’ve… chosen a side.” he muttered, as if there was a lack of confidence in his words, his intimidation falling flat. “I… cannot allow you to live.” He swung the sword without much purpose, Constantine parrying it swiftly. “Leave Arthur.” He muttered, but Arthur swung again, with slightly more emphasis, once again being parried. “I cannot allow you to live Constantine, I’m sorry.” Another swing, another parry. “Arthur don’t… Please.” He muttered. Swing. Parry. “Kill him Constantine!” The battle had become silent. Only Lucifer's angels remained, watching the two duel. They would not intervene, the man had to prove himself. Swing, parry. Swing, parry. Swing, parry. Constantine paused, and Arthur breathed heavily, raising his sword. There was only one choice. Constantine let him live, the men around them would slay them both. He swung this time, and Arthur dodged, swinging back towards his head. The two fought wholeheartedly now, fighting speeding up as the two became more and more adrenaline fueled until the fighting was all but a blur. A step wrong, a millisecond slow, and Constantine rolled beneath a horizontal slash, and stepped forwards, dragging his blade across Arthur’s gut, emptying its contents onto the ground below. He fell to his knees, blood pooling around them and pouring down his legs, his hands grasped the wounds and his eyes widened, before raising to face the sun in the sky, muttering. “I die for god. What do you live for Constantine?” the voice was hurt, not angry, hurt at his friend's betrayal. Confused, as to why his friend would do this to him. He couldn’t mourn, he couldn’t shed a tear, he couldn’t even hesitate in front of the men around him. He turned, and pulled his arms back. “Power.” He replied as he freed the man’s head from his neck.

user posted image


BOUND: His sword is bound to him. It can be thrown and brought back to him as though it were sentient. He has full control of the blade, it can be brought back to his hand at a flick of his wrist, and can dissipate just as easily.

DURABLE: Not only can he heal, as included with his race, he’s also hard-as-nails. He can take a solid beating and still get up for round two. It takes a lot to take him down, and a lot to keep him down. Though of course, anything lethal will still eliminate him, he’s not immortal.

STRENGTH: His strength has improved massively, and can now perform feats of incredible power. This includes using his strength alongside his bodyweight in order to leap higher and farther.

SHARED BODY: Though Constantines primarily in control, occasionally Kane gets it back, either through great effort in situations he demands it, or when Constantine allows him to.

BANE OF DEMONS: His aura means he can sense them, but they can feel him. For demons in his aura, it becomes colder and theres an air of unease, feeling as though you're being watched. And chances are, you probably are.

SUPERNATURAL DETECTION: Constantine has the ability to detect a persons species within a 50m (160ft) Proximity

user posted image

Cunning wit- He’s quick on the comebacks, and quick to insult something or someone he dislikes
Combat- handguns, swords, fists, he’s got it handled, in varying degrees of skill, though he’s proficient in all 3. Larger firearms however, he has no skill nor experience with using theme.
Singing- A surprisingly good country singer, for what its worth, as well as the ability to place acoustic guitar.

user posted image

Personal Possessions / Lifestyle

‘Small’ penthouse apartment- Constantine's smart with his possessions. Of course he chose a man with a penthouse apartment and a…
Aston Martin Rapide- A cherry red Aston Martin.
A flashy wardrobe- What lawyer’d be complete without one




Cbox name: Bishop
Are you over the age of 18? YES
Years RP experience: like 8ish
How did you find us? toprpsites
Did you read the rules? I did
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Posted on: Oct 25 2017, 06:05 PM

user posted image

user posted image
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Posted on: Oct 25 2017, 06:23 PM

looks great! was a fun read fo sho

just one lil issue... 'racial speed' and fast reactions aren't really part of the lore for angelic/demonic possessions. I suggest that you replace this with some sort of aura.

Also, you might want to include that Constantine doesn't have full control of the body at all times. If I'm reading right, he's the dominant personality which is fine but possessions here are about the split personality aspect. It's okay if you want the human in the background most of the time but the human's gotta be able to break out every once in a while to be a true possession and not just an angel, fallen or not.
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Posted on: Nov 4 2017, 10:02 AM

Unlocked for Bishop to add a minor ability
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